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The advent of information technology, computerisation & office automation in India created a need for quality power conditioning equipment's to support & protect these valuable devices,In erratic Indian power conditions. NIKLAM ELECTRONICS was established in 1995 at Indore, In Madhya Pradesh witha specific aim of indigenously designing and manufacturing a reliable equipments to suit indian conditions and applications. Our efforts in this direction led to the launch of NIKKON power Conditioners like UPS ( off- line & on- line), power inverters, CVT"s, DPS"s, Servo stabilisers, Stabilisers, Spike & Surge Suppressors, wich would cater various need & Telecommunications. NIKKON GROUP has introduced NIKKON Extra Power Batteries (Lead Acid). Today with professional management of its manufacturing R&D and service resources put NIKKON GROUP has emerged as one of the most progressive manufacturer in power conditioning equipments..
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